Solutions using our fixed-wing aircraft

① 長時間自立飛行可能な特性を活かした、山岳・洋上の監視・捜索業務
② 高ペイロード輸送可能な特性を活かした、山岳部や離島部などでの物資輸送業務
③ 距離輸送可能な特性を活かした企業広告(デリバリー企業等を想定)


We plan to provide the following solutions by taking advantage of our aircraft, which can fly for long periods of time and with high payloads.

① Monitoring and search operations in the mountains and at sea, taking advantage of its ability to fly autonomously for long periods of time.

② Goods transport operations in mountains, remote islands, etc., taking advantage of the ability to transport high payloads.

③ Corporate advertising that takes advantage of the ability to transport over long distances (assuming delivery companies, etc.)

AirKamuy is currently looking for partners to jointly build solutions like the ones above. In addition to the above, there are many other solutions that we can propose. If you are considering using drones to solve your problems, please feel free to contact us.

Future solution

VTOLs for human mobility


We are developing a solution that allows people to get on and off even on rooftops that are narrow and have low load capacity. In the future, in addition to licensing this technology to VTOL manufacturers, we are also planning to install our own vertiports for consumers.