What is fixed-wing VTOL

Nowadays, multicopter-type drones are becoming widespread in both civilian and industrial use, and are being used in a variety of fields. A major advantage of multicopter drones is that they can take off and land vertically, but most of them have flight times of up to 20 to 30 minutes, and if they carry a large payload, they can only fly for a few minutes.

On the other hand, aircraft with wings similar to those of regular airplanes are efficient and can fly for long periods of time. However their use is limited because they need long runway or have a catapult for takeoff and landing.

An aircraft that combines these features is a “fixed-wing VTOL aircraft,” which is a combination of an airplane and a multicopter. Fixed-wing VTOL aircraft can take off and land vertically, and can also perform highly efficient flight like an airplane.

AirKamuy’s fixed-wing VTOL


Fixed-wing VTOL aircraft has very excellent features, but because they have wings, the aircraft will be larger. It is difficult to carry a large payload, and it is difficult to operate. So fixed-wing VTOL is not popular especially in Japan.

We are developing a fixed-wing VTOL aircraft that can operate similarly to a multicopter drone, while having sufficient payload and long-distance flight capabilities. This will not only allow us to expand the operation of existing drones, but also enable them to be used in a variety of ways that have never existed before.

Key features

These are AirKamuy’s key features. We are developing our own VTOLs by using these technologies.

①Foldable wing that can open and retract in the air
By folding the wings during takeoff and landing, it can operate in the same space required for a multicopter aircraft that can carry similar payloads. Additionally, by installing this mechanism, we aim to eliminate the need for assembly and disassembly work that is required when transporting a typical fixed wing aircraft by vehicle. It makes possible to operate easily and quickly.

②High efficient aircraft shape
Most existing fixed-wing VTOL aircraft are simply a combination of an airplane shape and a multicopter shape.
By efficiently arranging larger rotors, we have achieved a large payload without increasing the aircraft size.

③Hybrid system
Equipped with a gasoline engine or fuel cell, this hybrid system makes it possible to significantly extend the flight time compared to when battery only model. To demonstrate the hybrid system, we are currently developing an aircraft equipped with an engine and generator on the Σ-1.


Many AirKamuy members have experience designing unmanned aircraft at aircraft manufacturers or designing and manufacturing human-powered aircraft during their student days. Also they are professionals in various fields such as aerodynamics/structure, electrical equipment, software, and system development. Because of that, we have high design and manufacturing capabilities.

We also have people with long experience operating drones and those who hold first-class land special radio operator qualifications. We are proceeding with design and testing in compliance with laws and regulations.

In terms of development and manufacturing, we utilize 3D printers and NC processing machines, making it possible to achieve design, prototyping, and manufacturing at extremely fast speeds.

On the business side, we have members with experience in business companies and the financial industry, allowing us to balance development, manufacturing, and business.

AirKamuy aims to become the world’s number one manufacturer of fixed-wing VTOL aircraft and continues to advance technological development.