What is AirKamuy

AirKamuy develops and manufactures fixed-wing VTOL aircraft and provides solutions using unmanned aircraft. We design from zero and assemble by ourselves, aiming to become the world’s number one fixed-wing VTOL aircraft manufacturer, and contribute to the world through the development of drones.

Our vision

Realizing sustainable affluence for society and ourselves through innovation.

・Achieve both innovation and safety through appropriate risk-taking based on data
・Legal compliance
・When in doubt, take the royal route
・safety first
・Do not hide anything
・One team

Board Member

Takumi Yamaguchi Co-Funder and CEO


Ø Experience installing mobile base stations on rooftops at Rakuten Mobile Inc. 
Ø Experience in supporting the financial growth of startups at Mizuho Financial group.
Ø A graduate of Nagoya university, has a BE in Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering.
Ø Electric Works Specialist, On-The-Ground Special Radio Operator. 

Shogo Kobayashi CTO


Ø Engaged in the development of drones for the Ministry of Defense Force at SUBARU Aerospace Company.
Ø Won the Birdman Contest as a chief designer.
Ø A graduate of Tohoku university, has a ME in Aeronautical Engineering.

Company details

Name株式会社AirKamuy (AirKamuy Inc.)
CEOTakumi Yamaguchi
LocationTokyo, JAPAN
EstablishAugust 2022