AirKamuy’s aircraft

AirKamuy Σ-1 (sigma-1)

Σ-1 is a fixed-wing VTOL aircraft that can be used for general purposes such as logistics, search, and patrol. It has a mechanism that allows the wings to fold in the air, making the aircraft more compact. This allows for easy takeoff, landing, and transportation in a small space, and also enables long-distance flights while maintaining the same operability as a multicopter drone.


1.4 m × 1.8 m  (take-off and landing)
3.2 m × 1.7 m  (level-flight) 
15 kg (incl. batteries)
10 kg
Max. flight time with 5 kg payload
120 min (electric model)
360 min (hybrid model)
Max. flight distance with 5 kg payload
140 km (electric model)
420 km (hybrid model)
Flight speed
70 km/h

Contract development

We also develop contract aircraft by utilizing our aircraft development capabilities. We will develop the most suitable drone according to your wishes and usage. Please feel free to contact us.